Dueck DFR Fiber Optic Sight Set for Glock Pistols

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Good sights are the biggest improvement you can make to improve your shooting performance with a pistol. I designed the DFR because I needed a no compromise sighting system for my own pistols that gave a competition perfect sight picture but, in a combat fighting sight.

I made the rear notch .145″ wide by .12″ deep giving a great balance, allowing for no loss in accuracy and still open enough to be very fast. The extra width and depth gives more feedback allowing you to accurately call your shots. The face of the rear sight is slightly canted rearward and matte black for a crisp sight picture and without any distracting serrations.

The front of the DFR has the Dueck Defense™ blended hook with a multi direction radius. Perfect for one hand racking of the slide but without the sharp edges common on other combat sights that catch on gear and can make you bleed during rapid slide manipulation.

The front sight has a slight angle to avoid catching on gear but still giving a crisp sight picture. Available in fiber optic to fit.

• CNC Machined in the USA from US Mill certified steel bar stock
• Black Nitrocarburized finish transforms the surface of the steel into a black super hard corrosion resistant layer that is highly rust and wear resistant even in saltwater environments
• Fits all GLOCK dovetails
• Install with a sight pusher or soft face mallet. Minor fitting of the dovetail may be required
• knurl grip locking hex screw double secures the sight in the dovetail
• Rear sight sits .25″ above the top of the slide
• Notch is .145″ wide x .12″ deep
• Fiber Optic Front sight .115″ wide