Deus Ex Machina Spiral Fluted Guide Rod for Glock Pistols

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-Precision CNC machined of hardened 17-4 stainless steel that is spiral fluted and then BLASTED for a bare stainless finish, this uncaptured guide rod allows for easy spring changes without the hassle of screws. This allows you to easily tune your spring rate for custom upgrades to your slide, including aftermarket cuts and optics.

-Upgrade your factory plastic guide rod assembly with the more reliable Deus Ex Machina spiral fluted stainless steel guide rod.
-Includes a Wolff recoil spring kit (standard rate). Wolff recoil springs for use in Glock pistols are available with load-rated specifications to tailor the recoil function to individual needs.

Due to the design of the Glock pistol, all Glock recoil springs now include a factory strength replacement striker spring.

For Use In:

19/23: G19 (9mm), G23 (40s&w), G32 (357sig)

17/22: G17, G17L, G34 (9mm), G22, G24, G35 (40s&w), G31 (357sig) 

Factory Standard Recoil Spring Rate: 17 Lb
For use with Gen 3 Glock slides and compatible aftermarket Glock slides that use the Gen 3 recoil system ONLY. Will not work in Gen 4 slides unless using Gen 4 adapter plug.